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DETAIL ABOUT MEGATYPERS / PROTYPERS in English and Urdu separately


Many people join Online Earning Websites but they don't work on it. They don't even open it. That is because they don't know how to get payment from Online Earning Websites. In other words, they don't know about Online Payment Processors or they don't know how to use Online Payment Processors.
So first of all I give you some discription about Online Payment Processors.
Online Payment Processors are actually websites including etc, these are not the earning websites. These websites collect your money from the earning websites and that money is called Electonic Money. Now, the question arises that how to get cash from payment processors OR how to convert electronic money into physical money... So the answer is so simple
you can transfer your money from your Online Payment Processor's account to your bank account OR you can transfer your money form Online Payment Processor's account to another person's Online Payment Processor's account and get cash from them hand to hand. It is so easy...
To work on MegaTypers, you must have an account in LibertyReserve. That is why I want to show you that how to Register into LibertyReserve.
Open this website
Fill the form, enter your email and click Agree
You will get your account's password, master key, login pin etc
Copy that information and save them with you in a text document or notepad.
After that, open your email account. An email from liberty reserve will be sent to you, in which you will get your account number which starts with U. i-e U9883451, U3850943 etc.
Also copy that account number and save it with you. Then login to you liberty reserve account and complete the remaining registration. After making account in the LibertyReserve, you have to Register into Megatypers. You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as you please. The quicker you type, the more cash you earn. is fantastic for:
Mothers that stay at home.
Parents that need a second job.
People in between jobs.
Un-employed people etc.
How much you earn depends on how much you work.
To register in MegaTypers, Open this link
This is my referral link. I request each and everyone that please Register with this link because i will get some commission from the MegaTypers. I will be thankful to you.
Click on Free SignUp.
Fill the form and select LibertyReserve in the Payment Type and give your LibertyReserve account number in the box. If you get a box of Invitation Code then enter S2P and
if you do not see it then carry on and click on Register.
After that login to your MegaTypers account.
It is my kind request to all of you that please.. please.. please read all the FAQ and Guide in the Help menu before starting the work. By doing this, you will know the rules and regulations of the work and you will be able to work in an efficient way. You can earn money by working and also by making referrals. You get 10% commission of the money that your referrals earn.
For making referrals, please study the Affiliate menu.
Good Luck to All of you...


Bohot say log Online Earning Websites join kartay hain magar un pe kam nahi kartay. iski waja ye hai k unko pata nahi hota k Online Earning Websites se payment kaisay hasil ki jay. Ya unko Online Payment Processors k baray mai pata he nahi hota. is liye mai apko sab se pehlay Online Payment Processors k baray mai batata hon. Online Payment Processors darasal websites hoti hain jo k baqi tamam Online Earning Websites se paisay jama karti hai jis ko Electonic Money kaha jata hai. in mai waghaira shamil hain. ab sawal paida hota hai k Online Payment Processors se paisay kaisay nikalay jain ya Electonic Money ko physical money mai kaisay tabdeel kia jay... to jawab bilkul simple hai. ap apne Online ayment Processor account se apne paisay apnay bank account mai transfer kar saktay hain ya ap kisi dosray shakhs ko transfer kar saktay hain jis ka Online Payment Processor mai account ho or ap us se hatho hath paisay wasool kar lain. MegaTypers pe kam karnay k liye apka LibertyReserve mai account hona lazmi hai. islye mai apko samjhata hon k LibertyReserve mai kaisay account banana hai.
sab se pehlay is website ko open karain
is k bad form fill karain, apni email id enter karain or Agree pe click karain
Screen pe ap k samnay apka password, login pin, or master key waghaira ajaengay.
is ko copy kar k document mai save kar dain ya note pad mai save kar dain.
is k bad apni email account open karain, ap k pas LibertyReserve ki taraf se ek email ai hogi jis mai apka account number hoga jo k U se start hota hai, jaisay
U9883451, U3850943 waghaira.
us account number ko bhi copy kar k apne pas save rakh lain. us k bad apne LibertyReserve account ko login karain or baqaya registration completer kar lain.
LibertyReserve mai account ban janay k bad ap MegaTypers pe account bana saktay hain.
ap MegaTypers pe kisi b waqt kam kar saktay hain. jitna ap tezi se kam karo gy utnay he ziada ap paisay kamao gay.
MegaTypers sab k liye acha hai jaisa k ghar baiti Khawateen, Students, Bairozgar log waghaira.
MegaTypers mai account bananay k liye ap is link ko open karain.

link kholnay k bad Free SignUp pe click karain.
form fill karain or Payment Type mai LibertyReserve pe click karain or khali jaga mai apne LibertyReserve ka account number enter kar dain.
agar ap k samnay Invitation Code wala box ajay to ap us mai S2P enter kar dain, agar na aye to phir Register pe click kar dain.
us k bad apne MegaTypers k account ko login karain.
magar aik bat yaad rakhain kam shuru karnay se pehlay ap FAQ or Guide zaroor parh lain. ye apko Help ki menu mai milengay. is se apko MegaTypers pe kam karnay k tareekay or Rules and Regulations k baray mai pata chal jay ga or ap asani se kam kar sako gy. ap MegaTypers pe kam karnay k elawa referral bananay pe b paisay kama saktay hain. ap k referral jitna kam karengay, apko us k 10% k barbar commission milay ga.
Referral bananay k liye ap Affiliate ki menu ko study karain.

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